Researching with Klop

I am Klop and I approve this message!

About me

I was rescued from a market by a kind lady and am now being raised by an economist and an econometrician. While they sleep, I secretly make snarky comments about papers they've been reading. Mostly about the readings of the economist, because I didn't learn econometrics in the market. This is a record of my impressions.

This is me, Klop. Ain't I a sweetie pie?

In my spare time I am learning to type with my widdle paws.

My snarky academic reviews

Date Count Paper
2022-06-15 1 Goeree et al (2006): Social learning with private and common values
2022-06-16 2 Glode et al (2012): Financial expertise as an arms race
2022-06-17 3 Frankel and Kamenica (2019): Quantifying information and uncertainty
2022-06-20 1 Chen et al (2022): Banking on the Confucian Clan: Why China Developed Financial Markets so Late
2022-06-21 2 Gagnon-Bartsch and Bushong (2022): Learning with misattribution of reference dependence
2022-06-22 3 Nagel (1995): Unraveling in Guessing Games: An Experimental Study
2022-06-23 4 Goeree and Holt (2004): A model of noisy introspection

My orthogonal activities

Date Count Report
2022-06-15 1 Learned how to do basic html on neocities
2022-06-16 2 Learned how to do basic css on neocities, learned to clear the cache, to make tables, to make pretty backgrounds. Also learned how to put TeX into the neocities page! All we need is to put in a small script in the header and away we go!
2022-06-23 3 Learned to merge columns and rows in html using colspan and rowspan

Links that I found useful